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Use this curated selection of tests to take charge of your health. You don’t have to be “sick” to take many of these tests. But these tests can stop you from being sick and may save your life.

How it Works

It’s an easy and simple process and we take out all the hassles involved in doing any of our tests. This is laboratory testing like you’ve never known it. After using our process you probably won’t test another way.
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Test Methods

Tests on DiagnoseMe are performed with your convenience in mind. We provide multiple options for how you give your sample ensuring that you own and take charge of your health.
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The DiagnoseMe Home Test kit

We provide you with test kits that allow you to collect test samples from the convenience of your house or office in a non-invasive manner. This reduces your need to visit a hospital or diagnostic laboratory, and also prevents invasive procedures. Some of the tests which can be performed using our home test kits include: HPV and cervical cancer (with pap tests), STDs, preventive cancer tests for breast and ovarian cancer, etc.

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The DiagnoseMe Health Squad

Some tests can only be done using a blood sample. In keeping with our goal of providing you with the utmost convenience, the DiagnoseMe Health Squad will visit you at your preferred location to collect your blood samples. The DiagnoseMe Health Squad is made up of highly trained and certified nurses and medical laboratory scientists who have a lot experience collecting and managing biological samples. Learn more about our Health Squad in our about us page.

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Partner Locations

DiagnoseMe has partnered with leading laboratories and hospitals to serve as partner locations – places you can go to and have your samples collected. Our partner locations are conveniently located near you. As a DiagnoseMe customer, you will only need to present an identification and have your samples collected pronto!

Why Test With Us

We are the leading genetic and specialist service provider in Africa and our tests put you, the consumer or patient, first. Here are some other reasons you should test with us.

DiagnoseMe provides you with access to the world’s best research scientists, specialists, and diagnostic laboratories, ensuring you receive quality and consistency of care at every point of your patient journey through the DiagnoseMe ecosystem.


Your health is yours, so are the decisions you make. By using DiagnoseMe you get to own your health records and share them or not with whomever you like anywhere in the world. You also get information that empowers you to make your decisions yourself.


The DiagnoseMe experience is designed with your convenience in mind. Whether that is by receiving a sample collection kit in the mail or having your samples collected at a place of your choosing, your convenience is our priority.


The innovative tests on DiagnoseMe are amongst the most affordable anywhere in the world. DiagnoseMe tests are also significantly more affordable than the Medical Tourism alternative most Africans face.


Getting diagnosed doesn’t have to affect your privacy. We understand that sometimes you want to do certain tests without people knowing. DiagnoseMe allows you to carry out such tests from your home. 


DiagnoseMe uses the best-in-class bank-level encryption, SSL, AWS, and de-identifies patient data to protect against hacks to keep your medical records safe and secure. 

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